La Junta City Park

10th and Colorado,
La Junta, Colorado 81050
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City Park which was founded in 1905, was one of the original four parks. At the time of its establishment, it created quite a controversy though. The site of what would become the City Park originally had a shallow arroyo that ran through it. City Fathers thought this would be ideal for the creation of a small lake – there was one problem though – it was way too far from town is about 1/2 mile south of downtown La Junta. There were some that didn’t want to spend money on a park located outside of town. Aren’t we glad they did spend the money for it? In the last one hundred years, the town of La Junta has grown around the park.

Sk8 Way Park

Sk8Way Skatepark is made up of a big 9 foot bowled area topped with steel coping that flows into the street course with a couple quarter pipe extensions at one end. The La Junta Skatepark has been heard to boast what could be the state's best pyramid along with a runway-type street skating area on one side with some wedges and steel-edged lips.

This is a lighted skate park, safety gear is not enforced and there are restrooms nearby.